Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson

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Dickinson Project

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Assignment #7 Lyre Bird

The Lyre Bird was very impressing. I would have never expected a bird to be able to imitate the things they hear like that. The way it’s feathers spread apart while it was doing it was also something very unique about the bird. Civilization must have a lot of effects on the natural world by the way the bird was making those noises of things that would have never been there if it weren’t for people.

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Assignment #4

The media always makes everyone look so perfect when in reality they look nothing like it. It lowers people’s self esteem because they wish they could have that perfect face or body and they know they can’t. Then people watch movies and the perfect poeple have the perfect lives and it makes everyone wish they had that or expect their life to be like that and it won’t be. http://psychcentral.com/news/2006/10/27/media-can-damage-self-image/362.html

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The Witches that the Puritans in Salem believed in were a little different than we think of them now. The witches in Salem looked like normal town people and the Witches we think of are ugly, have moles everywhere, and fly on brooms. Some of the few similarities that they have are the flying part, except now they have brooms, and putting charms on people. Our view points on Witches have changed because now we know they aren’t actually real and the Puritans believed they were.

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The Crucible

I confessed in mine and I think if that were really me I would have confessed to being a witch too. That way you don’t die. They think they should help you if you claime to be a witch and if you don’t then they would most likely kill you. I was satisfied with mine because everything ended up well and I was free.

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Race and Ethinicity

My first try on the assignment I only got 4 right. I thought this assignment would be very easy but I guess I’m not very good at judging what people’s races are. I would look at their eye’s to see if they were small or not, or I would look to see what kind of hair they had and I also looked at their skin tone. I always try not to judge people before I know them though because every one of those things can be misleading.

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I’m kind of new to blogging. I had to blog in one of my previous classes and I never liked it very much but we did them about once a week. I don’t like expressing myself to people I don’t know but I like reading other people’s blog’s so I’m looking forward to it.

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